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Sicilian News is an online newspaper registered with the Catania court, n. 4/2020 on June 15 2020, as required by Italian law.


Editor-in-chief: Gianluca Reale

Publisher: U.media Srl

Via San Domenico 4

10122 Torino, Italy

P.le Rocco Chinnici, 6

95100, Catania, Italy


Quality information. Our idea of ​​journalism is to guarantee verified news, coming from certain sources.


Ethics. Our ethics requires independence, seriousness, work, care, attention to sources. Informing is a serious job for us and our readers / users / followers deserve the utmost respect.


Opinions. We intend to separate opinions and facts very clearly. The opinions of our journalists or editorialists will have a precise and identified space, in order to avoid any admixture with facts and news.

Talk about Sicily to the world, talk about the world to Sicily. Ideas are the hearth of this project. We want to open a dialogue with Europe, with the rest of the world. Tell us about it and tell it. To know each other. Experiences, stories, ideas and proposals for a better future are the things we want to give space to. To build an open, aware and free community. And make our contribution to the cultural, social, environmental and economic growth of our land.



Gianluca Reale


+39 335.1090375

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Social Media Specialist

Marcello Giuffrida


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