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A park for Libero Grassi, killed by the mafia 29 years ago because he said no to the "lace".

A protocol was signed between the Municipality of Palermo and the association "Parco Libero", to realize a park dedicated to the entrepreneur Libero Grassi, killed 29 years ago by the assassins of Cosa Nostra, because he did not want to bow to the extortion racket.

La firma del protocollo

«It is a gift for my father and mother, I hope I can finally make it», said Alice, daughter of the entrepreneur, who signed the agreement with the mayor, Leoluca Orlando, in Via Alfieri, where Libero Grassi was killed and where he was commemorated this morning. A "Libero park" (Libero can be translated as "free" in English) designed and wanted by the family and a group of professionals and citizens, in a worthy area of Palermo, in the village of Acqua dei Corsari.

«That area, which I can't call a park because it is not a park today, was named after my father in 2013. Officially it was finished in 2007, but never delivered to the citizens. Last year after the analysis it was discovered that the area is polluted, it has to be reclaimed».

«Our dream - Alice added - is that while doing the reclamation we can develop an executive project in collaboration with landscape architects of international fame. To do this, we are organizing a workshop in the spring, so that the municipality has an executive project of a multifunctional park and a wide-ranging project above all. It is an abandoned area without services and we believe that a multifunctional park that deals with art, culture, environment is a very important thing for the neighborhood - Alice Grassi stressed - We hope to succeed, but we need everyone's help. We have signed the protocol with the Municipality, but we are a voluntary association. We have no public funding. We are grateful for all the help we can get now, we need it, the work is so much to do».

«At this moment - Alice Grassi added - the risks for merchants and entrepreneurs are really high because there is an economic emergency that brings great discomfort. In Palermo it is certainly even more accentuated. It is necessary to make sure that the mafia and the mafia do not take advantage of this situation of economic discomfort to infiltrate the economy. If the contributions promised by the State do not arrive as expected - he added - we must take action so that the other measures, already provided by the laws also regional, have the necessary funds to help and support entrepreneurs and citizens».

THE TRIBUTE OF THE PD. A message of commemoration comes from the PD. «Today we remember a civil hero: Libero Grassi had the courage to challenge the mafia by breaking the wall of silence, knowing that he risked his life to defend the freedom of honest work", said Giuseppe Lupo, leader of the PD at Regional Assembly. «On that furrow of courage - Lupo adds - in the following years were written other important pages of rebellion against the mafia abuse and push towards a new collective consciousness in the face of the hateful practice of lace and racketeering extortion».

WHO WAS LIBERO GRASSI. Libero Grassi was killed 29 years ago by the mafia while on his way to the Sigma factory. Freddled by the killer Salvino Madonia, son of the boss of Resuttana. The accomplice driving the car Marco Favaloro later repented and contributed to the reconstruction of the ambush. Madonia was finally sentenced to 41-bis, and with him the entire dome of Cosa Nostra in 2008. Grassi, born in Catania but moved to Palermo at the age of 8, was killed because he rebelled against the request for lace, openly supporting the position of intransigence in the media.