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Agira (Enna), French couple marries by "Chain", the wedding validated by blockchain

After celebrating the traditional wedding, they decided to make one also virtual, or rather electronic, indissoluble, certified through blockchain technology: it is called "Chain" and is a contract on the internet that will be validated with a USB flash drive by all guests who become the witnesses. So they will get married Friday, August 28.

This is the original and technological solution created by Maitea and Raphael, two Parisians who have decided to live in Agira, in the province of Enna. She is a potter, he owns a web platform, they moved from France to Agira where she opened a pottery workshop. Now they have developed the format of this wedding that they have called 'Chain', a contract, they explain to Ansa agency, that "it cannot be cancelled, it cannot be modified, not even bribed".

"Nowadays - says Maitea, that during the lockdown was stuck in Agira, for two months, alone, in her house still under construction - the largest community is the community represented by the Internet, which includes more than 60% of the world's population and this global sharing, if read with a positive meaning, takes on a poetic connotation of deep meaning. Shouting one's love through the virtual world is now possible and this mode will make it eternal, just as it happens when two lovers engrave their initials on the bark of a tree".

Each guest becomes a witness thanks to a USB flash drive that the couple will donate and that is the proof of the union they have witnessed. The ceremony will take place in the village of Agira.