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Among Palermo's gardens and monuments

From the Botanic Garden to the Norman-Arab route

Palermo is a walking city, so arm yourself with comfortable shoes, strollers, or baby carriers, and then off you go to discover the city’s fantastic alleys, roads, scents and flavours.

GARDEN AND VILLA Palermo is full of villas and gardens, so you have a vast choice of places where you can enjoy a quick break or picnic with your kids. The immense Favorita park, the central Villa Trabia, the English garden with its beautiful fountain and botanical garden, a little green slice of paradise that you can reach from via Lincoln, are a few steps from the seaside promenade of Foro Italico.

PLAYGROUNDS Spread out over the city, you will find a number of small playgrounds with slides and swings. However, one truly stands out: il Parco della Salute (the Park of Good Health): a park with an enclosed playground with a beautiful sea view. The park is next to the Cala, the port of Palermo, and offers a wide variety of games, including games for children with disabilities.

CULTURE One of the city’s best walks for children is the one along the Norman Arabian route, starting from the Cathedral. Here, the children will be free to run in the beautiful square in front of them and really get going by climbing the 100 steps to reach the terraces, from which you will enjoy a view that will these little explorers will surely remember! From here, proceed towards Piazza Vigliena, better known as the Quattro Canti (four corners). The façades of the 4 corner buildings are decorated with street level fountains and statues along other floors of these historical Baroque buildings. Children can play to find out which statues depict the seasons. Not far from this square, along via Maqueda, you will find another square that children love. Pretoria Square, known for the large fountain in the centre, has semi-nude statues, giving its name, the “Fountain of Shame”. In the upper ring, there are pools where exotic animals are easy to spot. Ask your kids to find as many as they can! In your cultural itinerary with children, you shouldn’t miss a show at the Teatro dei Pupi (Sicilian puppets/marionettes Theatre), for a trip back into ancient Sicilian tradition.

SCENTS AND FLAVOURS The colours and sounds of the markets are wonderful for kids, so there’s little doubt that they will fall in love with the markets of Palermo: Ballarò, Capo and Vucciria. Go shortly after opening so you can experience the liveliness of the mid-morning crowds. Along the streets of Vucciria, keep your eyes open, among the old buildings and the lowered shutters you can also find some of great examples of Street Art! From the Vucciria Market, head down to the Cala, a quiet oasis near the sea. Pass by Piazza Marina and the Garibaldi Garden where you will find secular ficus with their enormous visible roots that form narrow passages where children can even enter and play hide and seek!