• Gianluca Reale

Catania airport, more than 1000 workers in layoff

The situation is truly dramatic. Almost a thousand workers in extraordinary redundancy or in derogation, "seasonal workers left out of all protection", but also billed zeroed, induced collapsed between car rentals, parking lots and commercial activities. At Catania airport there is a super emergency, very small waste operations, only 4 flights a day to and from Rome, a great concern for the unions.

«It is not a sustainable situation, the government must intervene, perhaps Europe too, we must urgently extend the social safety nets, create new ones for the seasonal workers, make the solidarity fund for air transport structural, now refinanced year on year». Alessandro Grasso, provincial secretary of the CGIL Filt, raises the alarm and reports the requests made at national level by the union. Not without sharing the local "battle" with the other trade unions, Fit-Cisl and Ugl, with which he also wrote to the Sac personnel manager to ask for a meeting on a series of points (holidays, severance pay, advances, suspension of consultancy external, reduction of executive remuneration) following the procedure for extraordinary layoffs.

«Even if - he says - it is not the time to make oppositions, but to find solutions together, to give up some benefits that in normal periods would not be under discussion". On the other front, also for the CEO of Sac, Nico Torrisi, «the situation is catastrophic, we are forced to keep the airport open: the costs are there, the revenues are practically zeroed. Now is the moment of responsibility, with the unions we must work together to face this situation. The government will have to invent something, but we must make ourselves ready for the restart, correct the defects and recover the gaps that existed».

There is no doubt that much will change in our airports. But now there is great concern in Fontanarossa. «Two of the three handling companies, Aviation Services and Aviapartner Sicily, have all workers in extraordinary layoffs at zero hours, 110 the first and 75 the second; the third, GH Catania, has about 500 employees, about 90% of whom are in the cig in derogation which expires on 20 May, without additional contribution from the air transport solidarity fund. Only a small percentage are in service for Alitalia flights. But if you don't fly, these companies don't bill and don't cash. How long will they be able to resist?» asks Grasso.

The numbers of the extraordinary layoffs in Sac and Sac Service are no less worrying. Sac has a total of 158 employees, all in cig, 56 of which are zero hours, almost all administrative. This will continue until at least April 30th. Sac Service has 424 employees in total. Again, the use of layoffs in March was massive and involved 60% of the workforce every week, albeit on a rotation basis, with 160 employees working to ensure the presence of around ninety workers. of unity every day.

The light at the end of the tunnel is still not seen. «It could be long - Grasso adds - but more than when we have to ask ourselves how we will start again: the safety of workers and passengers must be guaranteed, the organization of work will have to change».