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Catania, filmed by the cameras while throwing waste in the street: for him a maxi fine of 600 euro

The "anti-abusive discharge" cameras in Catania are starting to work. The one recently installed in via Fondo Romeo (another one has been installed in via Calliope) has allowed to identify a man who was dumping mattresses and bed bases in the street with impunity.

Thanks to the video (broadcast by the City of Catania) watched directly from the operational center of the city police, they were able to find the first of many evildoers who illegally throw waste of all kinds in that area creating serious discomfort to residents of the area.

The environmental police traced the filmed man who dumped the material on the road from a van and imposed a fine of 600 euros. The initiative, which immediately produced positive results, is part of an experimental plan promoted last June by Mayor Salvo Pogliese and Councillor Fabio Cantarella and the solicitation of municipal councillors Petralia, Giusti and Dario Grasso, to monitor the illegal landfills that are illegally fed, starting with the one in Via Fondo Romeo and Via Calliope which has become a symbol of this uncivilized practice.

«The camera system - the Councillor for Ecology, Fabio Cantarella, says - can prove to be an excellent deterrent and for this reason we have installed others, in areas usually used by people who traffic in waste, an action that can have serious consequences, even criminal ones. In a few weeks - added the Councillor - we will make a report of the results of this repression and prevention activity and we will make the appropriate evaluations, to extend the video control in all 151 landfills that we have surveyed to identify and hit the perpetrators of illegal acts, mitigating an uncivilized practice unfortunately very widespread that has heavy costs for the community».