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Cinema, applause in Venice for "Le Sorelle Macaluso" by Emma Dante

Hate and love in the family, sisterhood and death, eternal ties in the film by the director from Palermo in competition at the 77th Venice Film Festival.

"Sisterhood makes me a child again, it makes me think of women who can be supportive and happy if one of them is successful, it makes me think to warriors and conquests and then to love, bonds, the strength of when you are together stronger than when you are alone and finally to freedom". Emma Dante thus speaks of one of the themes at the center of her film "Le sorelle Macaluso", this morning welcomed with applause at the Venice Film Festival, where it is competing for the Golden Lion.

The film, one of the four Italians in competition, is distributed by Teodora Film, produced by Rosamont (Giuseppe Battiston and Marica Stocchi) and Minimum Fax Media with Rai Cinema.

The film is based on the play for theater, that received the Ubu Award, by the director from Palermo. "To the story of these five sisters throughout their entire lives, the film adds another body, another protagonist: the house, the center of everything, the quarrels, the bonds, the memories, the death. The house, our center together with the family, the mirror of everything," she tells the agency Ansa Emma Dante.

The "sense of guilt with which each of them survives the death of the youngest one determines their being in the world, each one elaborates in a different way but there is always the need to be together, in there, connected to that world and to a past that never passes even if the story, their lives - adds the director - go on".

The setting is in a proletarian house in Palermo. And in that house during the film we always return to the fundamental moments, to the three appointments with death. As the years go by, in the sum of pain and fatigue, "time acts as a great plastic surgeon, deforms and reconstructs, manipulates bodies through those short circuits that are the traumas of life. For Donatella Finocchiaro, one of the actresses in the cast, "it was a very strong emotional work. Emma has a reputation for making the actors work with the body and hard, this time it required more and it was exciting".