• Gianluca Reale

Coronavirus, in Catania sanitation with police support

The municipal administration in synergy with the Police, which has made available a modern special mean, is carrying out new remediation and sanitation operations on the streets and squares of Catania. The initiative wanted by the mayor Salvo Pogliese and the councilor for the environment Fabio Cantarella, is jointly articulated with staff of the Mobil

e Department of the Police and takes place mainly in the evening hours, according to a ten-day calendar, which touches without distinction all city areas, both central and peripheral, with the use of compatible cleaning products also for animal health. «I thank the Mobile Department for their willingness to collaborate with the Municipality for the emergency and the councilor Fabio Cantarella - said the mayor Salvo Pogliese - who have created a calendar that covers all the neighborhoods, which with an absolutely cutting-edge system will made even safer by the risks, even if only potential, of the bad hygiene of streets and squares».