• Gianluca Reale

Crocetta, the Court of Gela says Yes to the attachment of the annuity

The Gela Court said yes to the attachment of the annuity of Rosario Crocetta, former president of the Sicily Region and former deputy to the Sicilian Regional Assembly. According to the court, the lifetime allowance paid by the Sicilian Regional Assembly to the former deputies cannot be equated to the pension and, therefore, can be fully subject to foreclosure. The Court - Ansa press agency says - accepted the thesis of the lawyer of the journalists Pietro Nicastro and Giancarlo Felice who have undertaken a procedure for obtaining compensation of fifteen thousand euros each from Crocetta. The two journalists, in fact, had obtained the conviction of the former president of the Sicilian Region for defamation. The sentence had been issued by the first civil section of the Court of Palermo in May 2018, condemning Crocetta to pay the two journalists the sum of 15 thousand euros each. Payment evidently never made. There had been a clash between journalists and the former governor for some time. Crocetta, a few days after his inauguration, had fired them in the trunk along with all the other members of the Region's press office.