• Gianluca Reale

Coronavirus: the new reusable mask "Drop" made in Ragusa

A protection mask, also with visor, which can be bought only once and cannot be thrown away because it can be reused indefinitely. "Drop", this is its name, conceived in Ragusa and ready for production by end of next May, is the result of the Research and Development Center of Cappello Group - a company known for having created innovations applied to alternative energies and treatment of metal surfaces - to help restart the country. The project solves two problems of the Covid-19 emergency: it overcomes, with a only purchase, the difficulty of finding large quantities of masks single use; and reduces the impact on the environment by not having to dispose of them immediately afterwards use. Two important problems that will get worse in "phase 2", when everyone must always have masks with them, with higher costs a borne by families. In the case of "Drop", however, a contained expenditure one tantum will prove to be a daily saving.

Replacing filter. “Drop” is a hypoallergenic thermoplastic rubber mask, with a filter cover that holds a protective filter to high performance. The mask is used, washed, yes sanitizes and, simply by replacing the filter, it can be reused.

Drop is made by assembling available technological materials in Italy. The mask will be reusable, resistant and light, versatile and effective, just as they have confirmed scientific tests and internal research conducted on prototypes of this "made in Sicily" protection device. The European Group has been filed with the Cappello Group organizing the expansion of the activity with the implementation of the production line, which will start in late May with 30 working units, to supply the market with a few thousand pieces a day in the initial phase.

Pending the health certifications and validations, "Drop" comes immediately put on the market because it mainly addresses the population, whose problem he wants to solve immediately. Confirming the spirit of solidarity above all project, the first examples of "Drop", for an equal commercial value at 100.000 euros, they will be donated by Cappello Group to the Protection regional civilian of Sicily, to the hospitals of Ragusa, Vittoria and Modica and the fire brigade command of the province of Ragusa.