• Gianluca Reale

Employment levels and contributions to companies, the amendment of industrialists

An amendment for business resuscitation. Sicindustria, Confindustria Catania and Confindustria Siracusa indicate to Ars the channel to follow in order to restart the Sicilian productive world plagued by the pandemic from Covid-19: it is necessary to act immediately on the social security costs related to the staff to be borne by the companies, that is, it is necessary to reduce the cost of the labor taxes. We need 600 million immediately for 2020. An injection that would allow to restore the entire industrial sector: 200,000 employees, about a quarter of the employed in Sicily, a GDP of 9 billion euros and over 27 thousand companies that maintain a supply chain articulated and branched and feed the region's exports. «The resources are there - note the vice-president of Sicindustria, Alessandro Albanese the president of Confindustria Catania, Antonello Biriaco and the president of Confindustria Siracusa, Diego Bivona - it is necessary to remodel the current lines of intervention. The important thing is to divert money towards forms of concrete support. No rain contributions towards sterile projects, no funding destined to get lost in dead-end streets. The only concrete help to companies is the reduction of the social security load for workers and for the employer».

The proposal - already drafted in the form of an amendment to the regional financial system - has a priority objective: to safeguard and maintain current jobs. NO DISMISSALS. The standard suggested by industrialists throughout Sicily provides that contributions are paid to businesses through Irfis FinSicilia "on the basis of the employer's commitment to maintain the employment levels declared on April 1, 2020 for at least 2 years". In the event of termination of the employment relationship without just cause or justified reason, the company would forfeit the benefit in relation to the number of employees laid off. THE BENEFIT. The contribution to companies should correspond to the social security contributions for their employees and in any case up to a maximum of 500 euros per month for each full-time worker and in proportion to the hours actually worked for part-time employees for a period that will evaluate the 'Ars but which would be appropriate for 24 months. The companies that could benefit from the contribution are all those that have been based in Sicily for at least 2 years. Companies with a public participation greater than 10% are excluded from the benefit. The contribution for 2020 would be around 600 million. In 2021 of 1,200,000,000 and in 2022 of 600 million. For a total of 2 billion and 400 million. Resources widely recoverable among the folds of the EU Operational Plan. First of all, the POC (Complementary Operational Program) and P.O. ERDF Operational Program European Regional Development Fund. LIQUIDITY TO BUSINESSES. To guarantee liquidity to companies, however, it is necessary to act on the credit lever. The proposal of the industrialists foresees that the credit guarantee consortia supervised by Bankitalia will be assigned a sum of 60 million for direct loans to businesses: either to guarantee liquidity or to consolidate financial exposures with amortization not less than 15 years in any case.