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Fires, Sicily burns, 400 people evacuated in Altofonte. Musumeci: «Criminal arsonists»

A new wave of fires threatens Sicily, especially in the west. In smoke hectares of vegetation, in some cases homes, nature reserves. The arsonists won't stop and a new, umpteenth emergency is triggered. This time on the front of the fires.

Governor Nello Musumeci has called an extraordinary meeting of the government of the Region, for this afternoon at Palazzo Orleans in Palermo. On the agenda was the humanitarian emergency and the arson fires that have hit the island in these hours, to ask for a state of calamity.

ON THE FIRE FRONT. Firefighters and forester's men are still engaged in the operations of extinguishing the fire that broke out around 9 p.m. on Saturday in Altofonte, near Palermo, and that forced about 400 people to leave their homes. The fire, which surrounded the village and caused damage to several houses, destroyed the Moarda forest and continued towards Portella della Ginestra and Piana degli Albanesi, but the last outbreaks seem to be under control. Also in Palermo, in Termini Imerese, Buonfornello, Aliminusa and Bolognetta are about to be tamed the fires that developed yesterday. Fortunately the wind has stopped blowing with the same intensity of yesterday and this makes easier the intervention of the fire-fighting teams. At the moment, they let firefighters and foresters know from the operating rooms that there are no fires threatening the homes.

The firefighters and firefighters have ascertained that the fires are arsonists and since yesterday law enforcement agencies have been engaged in hunting down the arsonists who have put at risk the lives of many people in addition to destroying hundreds of hectares of forest and numerous homes.

It counts the damages also in the Trapanese, especially in the natural reserve of the Zingaro, destroyed yesterday by a fire that has advanced from Macari, in the municipality of San Vito Lo Capo. The Zingaro had already suffered considerable damage in 2012 due to an equally devastating fire.

THE WORDS OF MUSUMECI. On his Facebook page the President of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci, wrote this morning "that the arsonists are unscrupulous criminals is known. That too often they get away with it, as well. That when they are caught, they should receive much more punishment, we all think so. But we will talk about that at another time. Now I want to say thank you to all of those who have worked in these hours and have extinguished dozens of hotbeds, protecting hundreds of families.

"They have operated - the governor adds - our Forestry Corps, the Civil Protection Department, hundreds of forest workers and civil protection volunteers, the National Fire Department. And with them the means prepared by the Region, 5 canadair, 9 helicopters, including those purchased for the firefighters by us. It was a complex work, coordinated by our general managers under the watchful eye of Councillor Toto Cordaro. Together with the government's thanks for what has been done and continues to be done in these hours, the Regional Council will meet in the afternoon to evaluate the first initiatives to be taken. And be close to the affected communities".

It remains to be understood who they are and why the arsonists come into action. To whom should Sicily burn? To whom is it convenient that natural reserves are devastated by the flames? What do they want to achieve? The questions that always remain unanswered.