• Gianluca Reale

Flai/Cgil: regularize migrant workers in the countryside

Agriculture: CGIL and Flai Sicily, regularization of migrants an unavoidable necessity also to ensure working and working conditions life in full anti-contagion safety. Regional table requested «The regularization of foreign workers engaged in the Sicilian countryside today is an unavoidable necessity. Bringing undeclared work to light, as well as a moral and social obligation legality, it is also crucial to prevent exploitation, which persists, and the consequent poor housing and working conditions determine the risk of contagion and spread of the epidemic», general secretaries of CGIL and Sicilian Flai, Alfio Mannino and Tonino Russo, say.

The two union representatives see «instrumentality in some proposals circulated in these days. We have to look at reality - they say - to realize the relevance of work of migrants in the countryside and that there are situations to be posed to attention, due to exploitation, such as those in Sicily of the tent cities of Cassibile and Castelvetrano, where the precarious workers housing conditions of those who being irregular cannot find a home to rent and live in decent conditions are likely to feed Coronavirus outbreaks».

Mannino and Russo point out that «we need to secure these workers, who insure food on our tables, subtracting them from exploitation phenomenon e illegal hiring. The question is always the same - they stress - and if it were been addressed earlier today we would have one less problem: to favor the legal meeting between supply and demand in the context of forecasts of Law 199/2016, with the establishment of territorial sections of the Quality Agricultural Work Network».

Mannino and Russo note that «today to the problem of legality, the fight against exploitation and the quality of work adds to the problem of health security that it must be guaranteed to all those who work in our campaigns, also to those who work illegally, ranks represented with important numbers from migrant workers, but not only».

CGIL and Flai ask for the «convocation urgent need for a regional table on agricultural work and against exploitation».