• Gianluca Reale

Francofonte, assigned the project to consolidate the Gadera ridge

Sud Progetti of Palermo will carry out geological investigations and plan the consolidation works on the ridge of the Gadera district in Francofonte, in the Syracuse area. Thanks to funding granted through an emergency procedure, the Office against Hydrogeological Dissection, led by the President of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci, therefore takes a further step to definitively secure, fifteen years after the first intervention, an area classified R4, i.e. at high risk, and which due to a steep slope is subject to landslides and landslides which could have repercussions on the stability of buildings and structures.

That is what Sicilian Region Press Office says in a press release launched this morning.

Once the executive project has been acquired, the Commissioner structure directed by Maurizio Croce will be able to start the procedures to entrust the realization of the necessary works. These foresee, first of all, the construction of Berliners and gabions, structures intended to contain the sliding of the ground. Furthermore, an accurate regimentation of the waters must be carried out to stop the infiltrations that threaten the solidity of the ridge. To this end, two main underground pipelines will be required. The first will be positioned along the whole Via Gadera, starting from the intersection with Via Tunisi, while the other is intended to replace the old one, now practically out of use, in the part below the inhabited area. Finally, the works include cleaning, reshaping and rearranging the now heavily degraded slope.