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Greek Theatre in Agrigento, Catanzaro (PD): "From Musumeci government no resources for excavations"

"The discovery of the ancient Greek theater in the city of Akragas is one of those events of universal historical significance capable of restoring to humanity the sense of its history and its roots; for these reasons the deafening silence of the Musumeci government with respect to a theme of such obvious importance, cries out for revenge and imposes an immediate clarification".

A year and a half after the first resounding findings of the remains of the Ancient Theatre, the regional parliamentarian of the Democratic Party, Michele Catanzaro, takes the side of the archaeological staff of the Park Authority Valley of the Temples who would like to continue the excavations to bring to light the ancient Greek theater of the city of Agrigento.

"When the archaeologists of the Park Authority, in the first months of 2019, communicated to the world the news of the discovery of fundamental structural partitions of the Ancient theater, announcing the possibility to bring it completely back to light - continues Catanzaro - the Musumeci government replied declaring its firm will to support with adequate economic resources the efforts of the scientific community, so as to bring to light one of the greatest treasures of antiquity, too bad that, like other commitments made by Musumeci, even this announcement has remained a dead letter and has not found any match with reality".

"The most serious thing - continues Catanzaro - is that in the face of the total absence of resources made available to the Park Authority Valley of the Temples, the regional government has rained down huge resources for initiatives of dubious historical and cultural importance. It would have been much more important that Musumeci, instead of funding ridiculous initiatives on urban planning and rural fascist villages in Sicily, had focused on political-institutional and above all economic support to an initiative of such obvious importance. This story - concludes the MP Pd - denounces to the world the inadequacy of the current regional government in terms of cultural heritage, which has once again proved incapable of understanding the historical significance of such a discovery. I will get to the bottom of the matter, in order to clarify all the contours and identify those responsible for such an evident manifestation of political and institutional sloppiness".