• Gianluca Reale

Lampedusa, the mayor: «Does Dat Airlines respect distances on board?»

«Does Dat company, which makes the air connections between Lampedusa and Palermo, comply with the interpersonal distance measurements between passengers on board, as required by the health rules on Coronavirus? The aircraft of the two flights of today would have been almost full, to the point that some passengers refused to board». The mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa, Totò Martello, say so. Dat Airlines manages the air routes between Palermo and Lampedusa in a territorial continuity regime, and in this period it makes only one daily outward and one return flight, with a stopover in Pantelleria.

«What is the point in asking citizens to stay at home and keep their interpersonal distance - adds Martello - if they are seated a few centimeters apart when they take a plane? What is the role of ENAC in relation to an airline to ensure that health regulations on board are respected?». «I wonder - Martello concludes - if the intervention of the Public Prosecutor's Office is not necessary to verify any violations of the health provisions of the Prime Ministerial Decree on Coronaviruses by Dat Airlines».