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Migrants, in Lampedusa in the night arrived 16 boats with 260 Tunisians on board

It was a night of landings, the one just passed, in Lampedusa: 16 were in fact the boats landed on the coasts or rescued in front of the island. On board more than 260 Tunisians.

Some were rescued by patrol boats, others arrived on the beach of Guitgia and Cala Madonna. A small group of migrants, immediately after landing on the mainland, was blocked along Via Roma, the main street of the island.

On the boats - as reported by the Ansa agency - there were from a minimum of 7 people to a maximum of 25. Among the disembarked also many minors. All the migrants were taken to the hotspot of contrada Imbriacola, where there are now just under 700 people, compared to the 192 that the center could normally receive. Therefore, the migrants who have opted for the facility immediately returned to the hotspot, after yesterday they had dropped to 406 following the transfers ordered by the authorities.

In any case, from the reception facility they should be transferred to the quarantine ship Azzurra which is still in the roadstead in front of Lampedusa. For another hundred or so non-EU immigrants yesterday evening, the negative result arrived at the Covid swabs.