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Migrants is again emergency in Lampedusa. The Mayor: «Let's close everything»

It is again an emergency on the migrant front in Lampedusa, where anger explodes and the hotspot in a few days is overcrowded again. The mayor Totò Martello announces a lockout if the situation will not be resolved, the political controversy is raging, the regional government calls an extraordinary meeting for this afternoon, from Rome they send new quarantine ships to host the migrants.

The day before last night, a boat with hundreds of migrants on board, about 370 according to an initial estimate, was rescued 4 miles from Lampedusa while it risked capsizing due to the strong sirocco wind. Rescue arrived from the patrol boats of the Coast Guard and the Guardia di Finanza, who escorted the boat into port.

THE PROTEST OF SOME INHABITANTS. The maxi-disembarkation on the island, where in the last 24 hours another 500 migrants had already landed on about thirty small boats, triggered a new emergency and triggered the protest of a group of inhabitants led by former League Senator Angela Maraventano who tried to prevent the passage of rescue vehicles on the quay. "We are tired - said Maraventano -, must be repatriated immediately. We will prevent with all our strength to let them pass".

THE MAYOR, TOTO' MARTELLO: "INTERVENE OR THE ISLAND WILL GO ON STRIKE". Also the mayor of Lampedusa, Totò Martello, who in the afternoon had sent a letter to the Tunisian president Kasis Saied threatening to reach the North African country with his boat going on the contrary the migrants' route, in front of the new maxi disembarkation, has unbuttoned: "We are on our knees with these arrivals at the hot spot we will exceed 1,500 presences. The situation is unsustainable: either the government takes immediate decisions or it will strike the whole island. It will be directly the administration to declare the strike, closing everything. It is not possible to continue to endure these harassment from the Government". Tomorrow, in the meantime, the regional task force should arrive to assess the conditions of the hotspot from the health point of view of Covid prevention.

OTHER 3 QUARANTINE SHIPS IN LAMPEDUSA. The Ministry of Interior has issued a note in which it says to follow "with extreme attention the serious situation related to the landing of about 400 migrants last night in Lampedusa. In recent days the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Minister Luciana Lamorgese decided to use three more ships, in addition to the two already operating, for the health surveillance of irregular migrants arriving". The first of the three new ships will arrive in Lampedusa by tomorrow night, the other two by Wednesday. Meanwhile, according to the Ansa agency, two cruisers of the financial guard landed last night in the port of Lampedusa to begin transfers from the island where there are currently 1560 migrants between the hotspot and the House of Fraternity managed by the parish. The first group of 130 refugees left during the night, another 220 this morning. Translated with (free version)