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Migrants, the Coast Guard helps the Louise Michel, the ship of "Banksy” full of rescued migrants

The Italian Coast Guard has intervened to provide assistance to the Louise Michel, the German-flagged ship financed by Banksy, which has rescued 130 migrants in the last hours.

The ship, loaded with migrants, had already launched a Sos last night, when it was sailing two hours off the coast of Lampedusa. Given the dangerous situation, today the Coast Guard sent a patrol boat class 300 of Lampedusa on the spot, which embarked the 49 people considered most vulnerable, namely 32 women, 13 children and 4 men to complete the families. The corpse that was on board should also be taken to the mainland.

"The Italian Coastguard took over 49 of the most vulnerable survivors! That's great - writes the crew in the live feed that appears on the Louise Michel website - & leaves us with the majority still waiting. By now, #SeaWatch4 arrived on scene & will assist us doing what Europe falters to do, having 201 guests on board themselves for days now".

Late yesterday evening, she reconstructed the general command of the Harbour Offices, the Louise Michel "sighted, in the Sar area of Maltese responsibility, a dinghy with about 130 migrants on board, in precarious conditions of navigability. Informed of the sighting by the Maltese authority, responsible for search and rescue activities in that maritime area, the Louise Michel unit proceeded at first to the transhipment of 97 migrants, bringing the remaining 33 in a life raft.

Information about the ongoing activities was also given to the flag state of the unit (Germany), as well as to the Maltese RCC (Rescue Coordinantion Center) which, later and also due to the expected worsening of marine weather conditions in the area, contacted the National Rescue Center of the Coast Guard of Rome, asking for the intervention of naval arrangements to provide assistance". As a result of this request, the Italian Coast Guard sent the patrol boat from Lampedusa, also considering the dangerous situation.