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Migrants, the Region sends a warning for the execution of the empty hotspot order. And it is battle

The President of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci, sent a note of warning to the competent authorities for the execution of his own order issued last August 22nd, which provides for the clearing of hotspots, considered inadequate to comply with the prevention regulations of Covid-19. This was announced in a statement issued by the spokesman and the President of the Region.

In the document, the governor requests, among other measures, to illustrate the time schedule of the progressive emptying of hotspots due to the serious reasons of promiscuity and assemblage in which the guests are forced. If this had not already been arranged (as happened this morning for the transfer of migrants who tested positive to the Coronavirus, infected among them, in the Pozzallo facility), in the full force of the ordinance, President Musumeci asked to implement the measure quickly, also taking into account the huge number of migrants currently present without any distancing and damage to their health, in the hotspot of Lampedusa.

The ordinance that sparked the controversy is, therefore, a first legal act. This morning Musumeci said that the Region would appeal to the judicial authority, given the silence of the Ministry of the Interior and the decision of the latter not to appeal the order at the end of the 48 hours provided by the same order. Then the start of the transfer of positive migrants from the Pozzallo hotspot slightly changed the scenario, with the Region now asking for a time schedule of transfers. I will not be the last act of the litigation facing Region and State.

The political controversy is mounting around this, of course. Matteo Salvini, who had defined himself as the "inspirer" of the hotspot emptying ordinance that pleases the entire center-right, frontally attacks the majority forces. "Count, Zingaretti, Pharaoh, Renzi are poor people. We will denounce them for aiding and abetting illegal immigration", said the Leghist leader in Torrecuso, Sannio in response to the complaint filed by Davide Faraone, leader of the Senate of Italy Viva, against him and against the President of Sicily Region Musumeci, for the controversy about the presence of Coronavirus positive immigrants. But the political "fight" on the issue of immigration and coronavirus will go on for quite a while. Genuine social sensitivity for migrants forced to be crowded in these first reception centers (in Lampedusa there are about a thousand of them compared to 192 places) or political struggle camp? Maybe both.