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Migrants, the Sea Watch 4 towards Palermo. The Region confirms needs to adapt the hotspots

Sea Watch 4 sails to Palermo to disembark the migrants on board. «On the 11th day after our first aid, we finally have a safe place for the 353 people on board Sea Watch 4», Sea-watch international communicates in a tweet. "We are heading to the port of #Palermo, where people will be transferred on a ship provided by the authorities for a period of quarantine».

The new quarantine ship for migrants arriving in Sicily, which is the third one sent by the government, is in fact located in the port of Palermo where it is subject to technical inspections. Only after the "Gnv Allegra" will have embarked the Red Cross staff will be able to take off towards Lampedusa. According to the news circulating, now confirmed by the tweet of Sea Watch 4, the "Allegra" in Palermo should embark the 353 migrants on board the ship of the NGO. Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Lega, attacks threatening to denounce the government for "aiding illegal immigration" if the 353 migrants "set foot on Italian soil".

IN PORTO EMPEDOCLE 217 MIGRANTS TRANSFERRED FROM LAMPEDUSA. Meanwhile, the 217 migrants who yesterday were transferred from Lampedusa to Porto Empedocle (Agrigento) with the Coast Guard patrol "Dattilo" are now disembarking. The naval unit had arrived last night in Porto Empedocle and had been docked at the "Sciangula" dock, where a security and surveillance service was organized for the whole night, which reported no problems. The disembarkation had not been organized immediately because there were some difficulties in finding vacancies in reception centers, an obstacle which, however, was actually overcome given the disembarkation procedure in progress.

THE SICILIAN GOVERNMENT: HOTSPOTS NEED ADJUSTMENT STRUCTURES. The regional government, however, reiterates "the need for the hygienic-sanitary adjustment of hotspots and reception centers for migrants following their emptying, as provided for by Order No. 33 of President Musumeci", says a statement by the President of the Region. The need for the adaptation of the hotspots was reiterated by the government junta held yesterday evening in Palermo. "We trust - the Sicilian Governor underlines - that the meeting with the President of the Count Council, set for tomorrow in Rome following my request, may be the first step towards the central government's awareness of a long ordeal experienced by migrants and Sicilians, in the guilty indifference of Europe and for the serious omissions of state institutions".

THE MAYOR OF LAMPEDUSA: NOBODY FACES IMMIGRATION PROBLEM SERIOUSLY. This morning, the other one invited to Rome by the premier Conte, the mayor of Lampedusa Totò Martello, on Radio Anch'io on Radio Rai 1 said that "in this last period we have only heard slogans, nobody has actually talked about the immigration problem. In Italy there is fear to face the problem: there is one who thinks that you shout and solve the problem, and the other who thinks to hide it, but the problem remains the same and identical as it was before. I expect that (tomorrow, editor's note) the daily problems will be solved, we can't have a port covered with boats that have arrived in these days, it is said to be over 300, but we don't even know how many are because we have lost count".