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Migrants, the Tar of Palermo suspends the "empty hotspot" order. And it is political clash

The national government challenges the "empty hotspot" order of Nello Musumeci and the Administrative Court of Palermo suspends it. A stop that unleashes even more controversy and political confrontation.

The news of the suspension of the Tar came in the afternoon, when the Tar of Palermo accepted the precautionary petition filed by the Conte Government, suspending until September 17 the enforceability of the order of the President of Sicily Region that provides for the closure of hotspots and reception centers for migrants on the island. At the basis of the appeal the consideration that the management of the migration phenomenon is the responsibility of the State, not of the Regions.

If for the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, it is "a shame", the President of the Region, Nello Musumeci, protests because the Region has not been heard. "No one thinks - said Musumeci - that an appeal can stop our dutiful action of health protection. It belongs to us and not to others. And on this road we will continue". But the controversy, all political, is mounting.


The Viminale has also communicated updated data on landings: from January 1 to August 25 were 17,504, more than three times more than last year. Meanwhile, this morning, the quarantine ship Aurelia, which loaded 273 migrants, 60 of whom were Covid positive, is sailing towards Trapani. In Cala Pisana, on the other hand, the quarantine ship Azzurra remains in Cala Pisana with 575 migrants plus 15 positives. Since yesterday 848 migrants have left Lampedusa. "Evidently it serves

raise your voice", comments Musumeci satisfied.

Yet today there have been new landings: two other boats - with 13 and 7 Tunisians - have been intercepted and blocked in the waters in front of Lampedusa by the patrol boats of the Guardia di Finanza and the Guardia Costiera. Three, at the moment, the landings - with a total of 51 people - have been registered today. But other boats would have already been sighted offshore. There are currently 406 migrants at the hotspot. According to the Ansa agency, at the moment, only the Fraternity House has been cleared: the parish rooms provided by the priest of the island.