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Nicolas, a young Sicilian boy blocked by the Egyptian police in Cairo: no news for two days now

His name is Calogero Nicolas Valenza, the young man from Gela whose family has had no news for two days. Nicolas, 27 years old, the eldest of two brothers, has been working as a Pr in Spain for 4 years, but he would have been stopped by the Egyptian police for investigation at the airport of Cairo where he had come from Barcelona to visit a friend.

The last phone call was received from his mother at 11 a.m. on Sunday, when Nicolas confirmed that he would leave for Egypt in the evening and that he would make himself heard once he arrived at his destination. From that moment on, however, there has been no further contact. The cell phone is always unreachable. Parents, metalworker father, housewife mother, assisted by the lawyer Nicoletta Cauchi, tried to track him down and also asked for help to our Foreign Ministry and the Italian Embassy in Cairo.

His younger brother, Davide, 22 years old, activated social networks, but in vain. The messages, also through Whatsapp, remained unanswered. The family reports to have learned yesterday from the Farnesina that the boy was stopped by the Egyptian police for investigation. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has assured that diplomatic channels have been activated to guarantee the young Italian boy every right