• Gianluca Reale

Regional finance, Cigl's proposals to the commissioner Armao

«The regional budget must be integrated and strengthened in the measures that must allow to carry out Sicily from the health emergency, overcoming the existing critical issues and relaunching the economy, employment and social status». That's what secretary of Cgil Sicily, Alfio Mannino, said today during the confrontation in teleconference with the regional councilor for the budget, Gaetano Armao, on economic and financial documents of the Region. Mannino highlighted some critical issues, such as the «overlap of regional measures with the national ones of the liquidity decree and the lack of interventions of structural nature» and made proposals that the government affirmed to evaluate and then reply to the union within the next 48 hours.

The parties, however, will return to meet next Friday, in sight of the landing in the Chamber of the text, scheduled for April 27. Between CGIL proposals, business investment support for the safety in the workplace; the conversion of activities production, also taking into account new needs (from masks to plexiglass panels), innovative investments in tourism, among sectors most affected by the crisis following the health emergency.

In addition, support for companies for agile work; the power ups of the labor inspectorates and occupational medicine. On the plane socio-welfare the CGIL calls for «measures to strengthen social and health care services, starting from the financing of a regional network of community and proximity». On the decision of allocate part of the resources of the National Fund on non self-sufficiency in the Troina Oasis without an overall plan for reorganization and safety of all the rsa and residences for fragile subjects of the region, Mannino expressed perplexity. «The problem - said Mannino - must be addressed in its entirety to prevent to re-propose critical situations. The network regional social protection should therefore be established for agree on the use of the resources of the Funds for the non self-sufficiency, for poverty and social policies».

Regarding to income support measures, the CGIL secretary noted the «vagueness of the statements» that alarms «because it risks to be a cause of discrimination. It is necessary - Mannino stressed - to activate social safety nets in derogation for all workers not included in the measures provided by the national government, between including domestic workers, carers, tourism operators, temporary workers of the system airport: around 150 thousand workers for an estimated need of 220 thousand euros».

As for the budget, the CGIL expressed "Concern" for the state of the accounts, which could determine problems for financing sectors such as forestry and transport local audience. «Pending the confrontation that the executive will have with national government - Mannino noted - we hope that the solutions of financing identified by the Region (for example the use of Pension Fund) prove effective». Mannino stressed «the importance of unity of purpose and cohesion to overcome the difficult moment that we are living and to assure the Sicily a solid and lasting recovery».