• Gianluca Reale

Rota (Cgil): for this Aprile 25 the password is "Social Responsability»

«It is the first time since 1946 to date that April 25 cannot be celebrated as usual: in the square, all together with joy and pride. For this April 25 the password is "Social responsibility". Without it there is a serious risk of losing a large share of freedom or of what we qualify as such, actually becoming a pale copy of the original. Also this year we are therefore next to ANPI and to all those who want to remember women, men, stories and our Constitution, necessary for freedom and real democracy». This is what Giacomo Rota, general secretary of CGIL Catania, says in a press release. «The restrictions of the pandemic - Rota adds - do not block us to the point of forgetting some fixed points on the Liberation Day. Today we want to repeat from our homes that there can be no revisionism capable of reversing the terms of our history. From our homes that in these hours have turned into schools, offices, professional offices, hospitals and industries, supermarkets and motorcycles of riders, we are always able to read reality with the eyes of workers and citizens. The reality confirms that the two pillars of our state are public health and the secular school equal for all. To those who had doubts about the value of these two priorities set by the Constitution, the answer has arrived dramatically in recent months: we all need them and in a finally enhanced version, to cope with a fragility of the system and staff that has been revealed to us even more since the Covid emergency 19». «The CGIL of Catania - Rota underlines - lives directly and every day, the reality of the workers, more or less guaranteed, more or less weak, and precisely because it has on its side the now centennial history of a large organization, it is increasingly certain that without constitutional rights, no long sections of the road can be traveled in defense of work, of the rights of all, in defense of the most fragile, of women who risk, especially in these hours, domestic violence, and more generally of our lives».