• Gianluca Reale

School, in Sicily the institutes can choose to start lessons on September 24th

The final decision came from the government council last night. It had already been announced by the Councillor for Education and Vocational Training, Roberto Lagalla. The hypothesis to the study, then confirmed by the decision of the junta, was in fact to extend the faculty already granted to the schools where the referendum polling station is located to postpone the start of lessons to September 24.

"The schools in Sicily will reopen on September 14. We give, however, the faculty to the heads of the school, if there were not the minimum security conditions, to be able to postpone, within the school autonomy, the start until September 24. While respecting the two hundred minimum lesson days", explained the President of the Region, Nello Musumeci. The possibility of postponing the start of lessons to 24 was already provided for by the decree signed by Lagalla on August 8, but only for schools with polling stations. The option had been granted to avoid double sanitation and unnecessary expenses. But given the difficulties of starting the school year, it was being considered to extend this possibility to all Sicilian schools. So it was decided by the government council, which met yesterday.

There will be more time so, to try to solve the critical issues still present, in particular for a hundred schools in the metropolitan areas of Catania, Palermo and Messina, especially with regard to spaces and facilities to try to avoid double shifts and time reductions. During the meeting that preceded the government council, held in Palermo at Palazzo d'Orleans, were discussed the issues related to the lack of space (the Regional Civil Protection is completing the cross-monitoring with the Municipalities and the Regional School Office), the strengthening of Ata staff and additional staff to support the anti Covid sanitization activities of the premises. To find additional premises, in addition to the agreement signed in recent days with the Sicilian Episcopal Conference, the Region is also verifying the availability of buildings by the Ipab.

CRITICALITIES AND PROBLEMS. Meanwhile, today, the activities at school are resumed with the teaching colleges. From tomorrow should also start the courses for the recovery of training debts. This period will be precious to break through some security procedures in view of the start of full lessons, even if there are still many doubts. Starting with the serological tests that teachers should undergo, but only on a voluntary basis. Apparently, adhesions are very low. Unions complain about lack of clarity and lack of protection for "fragile workers" and the "lack of adjustment of contracts for distance learning". The CISL School Sicily, for voice of the regional secretary Francesca Bellia, finally, complains about the lack of communication of the detail of the breakdown between the school of the additional staff of teachers and staff Ata (3500 the first and 2500 the second, overall) to assess the exact compliance with the needs expressed by individual institutions.