• Gianluca Reale

Syracuse, the prosecutor investigates the deaths at the Umberto I hospital

The prosecutor of Syracuse is investigating some coronavirus deaths that occurred at the Umberto I hospital in Syracuse, after the open investigation into the death of the director of the archaeological park Calogero Rizzuto. Precisely on this last event, last night during the broadcast "Non è l'Arena" on La 7, the recipe of the attending physician of Rizzuto was shown with which "hospitalization is required in the appropriate ward for persistent persistent fever". Rizzuto's doctor's prescription is for 11 March, thirteen days before his death on 24 March. After the opening of the investigation, following a complaint presented by the regional parliamentarian Nello Dipasquale, the general direction of the ASP of Syracuse had made it known that the director of the archaeological park would have refused admission. Hypothesis denied by the family, also to Report cameras, the broadcast of Rai 3 which had dedicated a large report to the story of Syracuse. «My father showed up with a fever at 40, but was stabilized and sent home», his son Audenzio Rizzuto said. Two days earlier, he had been swabbed but the outcome had not yet come. The investigation file is currently charged to unknown persons with the hypothesis of a manslaughter crime. But there are other files, after the complaints presented to the prosecution by other relatives of victims. «My father understood that the virus contracted him in the hospital», says Laura, daughter of Paolo Accardo, 80 years old. The family of an 83 year old who died at the Umberto I hospital also asked for clarification. The regional councilor Ruggero Razza has sent a team of experts to Syracuse for investigations. The day before yesterday, Razza admitted that «critical issues» and «responsibilities» had emerged from the Covid team report.