• Gianluca Reale

The Committee of Experts: here's how to start phase 2 from May 4th

Here's how Sicily can reopen after the lockdown from May 4th. The Technical Scientific Committee for the Coronavirus emergency in Sicily gave its opinion to the President of the Region Nel Musumeci, The opinion came after a discussion within the Committee which lasted over 48 hours. «In light of the encouraging data on the containment of the pandemic in the regional territory - the Committee writes - given the occupancy rates of hospital posts and the accommodation capacity of the entire Sicilian hospital network of intensive care (...) it is plausible to foresee that the gradual reopening may reasonably starting from the 4th of May with the lowest risk activities». The Governor Musumeci immediately shared the document prepared by the Sicilian experts and was with the President of the Conference of the Regions, Stefano Bonaccini. Then, during the video conference with the National Control Room, chaired by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, he was sent to Palazzo Chigi, in Rome. In their report, the experts point out the opportunity to strengthen social distancing measures and recognize that «not all work activities expose workers and users to the same risk of contagion, but that it depends on the type of activity carried out, the relative environment of work and the need / possibility of contact with potentially Covid-positive subjects». Personal protective equipment will become common clothing in everyone's life. If anything, the typology will change according to daily professions and behaviors. The supply of protective devices will have to be constant for the weeks to come, experts say. To this end, action by various Sicilian companies is encouraged.

HIGH RISK WORKERS. The regional technical-scientific committee has identified specific risk categories corresponding to groups of workers, assessing them in four levels: low, medium, high and very high. The latter class mainly includes doctors and other health personnel "with a high potential for exposure to known or suspected sources of Covid-19". High-risk jobs also include employees in cleaning / sanitizing operations in the presence of Covid-19 patients. MEDIUM RISK WORKERS. Workers subject to frequent contacts with the public are at risk of medium exposure (for example, employees in charge of delivering goods and goods, personnel involved in security or public order, workers in retail or wholesale points of sale). For the CTS of Sicily "in the workplace where workers are exposed to an average risk of exposure, employers should implement technical controls such as installing physical" anti-breath "barriers». LOW RISK WORKERS. Finally, those who are employed in jobs that do not require contact with suspected or known persons to be infected with Covid 19, nor have frequent close contacts with the public and other colleagues, are considered to be at low risk of exposure. Based on this scientific evidence, the regional government will therefore be able to decide on reopenings and next steps to start the so-called "phase 2".