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The Island in the grip of fire, also burns Lipari, Altofonte still on fire

More fires. Probably arson. The Island can't get out of the fire emergency. Two fronts are still active, one in the woods of Altofonte, where it has not yet been possible to put out the fire that has already destroyed hectares of woods. The other in Lipari, on the Aeolian Island, where a large fire broke out late last night.

In Lipari the flames, fed by the strong wind, have affected the area of Quattropani, Castellaro, Madoro Monte Sant'Angelo and Varesana. Fear among the inhabitants and holidaymakers of the areas concerned when the high flames have approached homes. At work to tame the fire there are firefighters, forest rangers, volunteers and carabinieri who have already started investigations. Also in this case, the suspicion is that the fire was arson. There is an ecological disaster in the highest village of Lipari, the largest island of the Aeolian Islands. After a night of fear, the fire in Lipari is resumed in the villages of Castellaro and Monte Sant'Angelo. In action are the Canadair of the Fire Brigade and the Forestry Department. They are also working for the reclamation of 10 hectares of Mediterranean scrub reduced to ashes.

Meanwhile, the territory of Altofonte, near Palermo, is still burning. The fire has been burning for 72 hours in a row despite the rain and much lower temperatures. This morning, two Canadair on Cozzo Ferrera, the part of the mountain that yesterday caught fire by burning other hectares of forest, came into action. A real disaster for one of the green lungs of the province that had been targeted several times this summer. The hypothesis is that the arsonists set the flames in several places on Saturday evening when the Canadair could no longer get up in the air. And so all night long the fire was fed, leaving no way out of the Moarda forest. Carabinieri and foresters investigate.