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«There is no Coviddi!». Negationist or ironic? Angela Chianello goes boom on Instagram

Negationist or ironic? The dilemma is far from being solved, but what is certain is that Angela Chianello, with her "Goodmorning from Mondello" and "There is no Coviddi" has become famous. So much so that she has exploited on Instagram, where her @angelachianello_real profile has collected more than 130 thousand followers with only 11 posts.

Angela Chiavello

His catchphrases, the subject of many meme, have depopulated this Covid summer. Angela Chianello is the woman from Palermo who had made her outpourings in front of the camera, interviewed by a journalist from Barbara D'Urso's broadcast on Canale 5. Now she has landed on Instagram, becoming an influencer in a few hours.

A negationist for some, simply in search of popularity for others, Mrs. Angela has become a 'star', whether she wants to or not. From a simple and habitual bather to Mondello, the beautiful beach of Palermo, she became famous. Power of television. Not that popularity hasn't had its thorns, though. Attacks, insults and controversy after that interview were not lacking. But Mrs. Angela also tried to defend herself by intervening in an episode of the program "Live. It is not D'Urso". The presenter invited her to be more responsible and not to send wrong messages, but the Palermo woman specified: «I answered the journalists' questions about what I was doing in Mondello, about the masks. I said that there is no Covid but I did not mean that the virus does not exist. I have a little girl to protect"».

And yet Angela has become a meme. The parodies on her are popular on youtube and her phrases are trend of google, that is among the elements most searched for by users on the net. The lady, that has denounced to have been victim of cyberbullying, has however now thought to open a profile on Instagram, where in few hours has reached 130 thousand followers.

Criticism continues to be present. But the long wave of socials goes in an unstoppable direction. And, insulted or defended as she may be, Mrs. Angela, not a denier, but not even irreproachably loyal to duty, has become famous. And her "ammare today", "Good morning from Mondello" and "there is no coviddi!" are destined to remain for a long time in the topics of the net.